A Monday Morning Quarterback may be the most important position on the team

It’s almost the end of the regular season, which has most football fans questioning their losses and throwing around terms like “it was a building year,” “we just couldn’t catch a break,” or “the refs were on us all season.” Regardless of the excuses used to blame away a crap season, one thing is guaranteed: fans believe next year is going to be “their year.” That optimism is great. It’s great in the business world, too, but there's a balance between only looking to the future and really assessing the previous year – without excuses – that makes playing Monday Morning Quarterback so vital to developing your marketing plan.

Planning for the future is literally what dreams are made of. It’s exciting, invigorating, and essential to the growth and development of your organization. And few people love a good dreamer more than Flying Pig.

Perhaps equally important, however, is Monday Morning Quarterbacking – taking a good hard look at your last year to determine what worked, what didn’t work, and what you didn’t accomplish but wanted to, should have, would have, but life got in the way. It’s important to remember with your team or your organization that not every year is going be a championship year – or every championship decade if you’re a Nebraska fan like Flying Pig. Your ability to balance assessing your strengths and weaknesses of the past with hoping and dreaming for the future will really impact the effectiveness of your marketing plan and ultimately your bottom line.

Speaking of marketing plan, if you’re operating without one, it’s like running an offense without a playbook. If you need assistance on creating one or you just need to bounce some ideas off someone, contacting Flying Pig (flyingpigmt@gmail.com) is always a good play.

Don't be afraid to be a Monday Morning Quarterback