Presenting the Exciting Conclusion of your Future Galentine’s Day Festivities

Rather than getting something for your place of business this Galentine’s Day, today let’s talk about giving back. Corporate Social Responsibility is at least my second favorite trend in the workplace this year. It’s all about ways your organization contributes to the betterment of your community and society at large. Pretty cool, right? And what better way to make it even cooler than to combine it with Galentine’s Day?!

Here are four of my favorite tips for Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility into Galentine's Day

1. My favorite event that I have seen so far is a bake sale in the lobby of a local business. All proceeds are donated to a local non-profit, and the bake sales are strategically planned around holidays when people may be too busy to make. So fun!

2. Donate your time – and your friends’ and clients’ time – at a local animal shelter. Who doesn’t love washing, walking, grooming, and cuddling animals? If you say no, go ahead and unfriend me now.

3. Host and sponsor a friendly competition for a food drive. The winner should be happy with the intrinsic reward, but it never hurts to award a gift basket filled with local treats and goodies.

4. Take your #girlsquad to a local assisted living facility ready to read books, paint nails, serve meals, and just listen.

Regardless of how you choose to give back, make sure you coordinate with the organization so they will be expecting you and can help you with your marketing. Enjoy!