Galentine's Day for Sales Professionals

Welcome back for our #galentinesday celebration for sales and marketing professionals. Galentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your love and appreciation for all the female clients in your life. Plan your sales calls in advance for this day – no cold calls allowed.

Now, don’t take a drink of your coffee right now to avoid spitting it out in outrage at what I’m going to tell you, but your clients are probably tired of receiving “gifts” with your company’s logo on them. Unless the gift is something really cool and you haven’t gifted it before, they’re not likely going to cherish it the way a true Galentine’s Day gift should be cherished. It’s like giving a treadmill to your significant other for Christmas or a vacuum cleaner for his/her birthday. Just say no.

Instead, visit your local Target, Hobby Lobby, or other additive retail location, and purchase mugs with your clients’ initials on them. Fill the mug with local tea – tea is definitely #trending and local is always the way to go – and your business card. Then sit in the chair on the opposite side of your client’s desk and bask in the compliments you receive on your creativity.

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