Excessively Celebrate Football Season

Let’s talk about Excessive Celebration, which is a penalty given to a player who parties just a little too hard after a great hit, catch, touchdown, etc. Now, I know what you’re expecting with this post: it’s going to be something like, “be humble and don’t fumble,” but you’re more wrong than a college mascot that’s a tree. (I know you’re smart, Stanford, but that's just madness.) This post is going to talk about all the ways your business can excessively celebrate football season for all the good reasons.

Here are seven ideas from our playbook just to get the football rolling:

1. Deliver cookies for this week’s sales calls tied with team colored ribbon or in printed fabric.

2. Theme your weekly food and drink specials around a local rivalry or team. Bruin Mocha anyone? How about an order for dozen Bobcat colored donuts?

3. Host a competitive food drive at your business, and have people donate food according to which sports team they support. The team who donates the fewest food has to wear the other team’s colors for a day.

4. Offer discounts for individuals on services (like oil changes) each day of the week according to a favorite sports team. People wishing to take advantage of the offer have to say “Go Bison!” or you know, whatever, to get the deal. Then have all of your employees either cheer or boo.

5. Host an indoor tailgate party with drinks served out of red cups and tailgated themed food specials. Theme décor and activities accordingly.

6. Find out your clients’ favorite teams and compliment their wins each week. It’s a great icebreaker and relationship builder.

7. Partner with a local high school team or class on a volunteer project, and don’t be shy about over-documenting it on social media and to the press.

Speaking of relationship building, by embracing your local sports team, you foster a sense of community within your business and your community at large. It’s a win-win for everyone that doesn’t result in a sudden death overtime. Looking for more great ideas? Email for a consultation with Flying Pig.