Not so much the ooh la la kind, but more of the I freaking love doing...kind. True confession time: Hello, my name is Michelle, and I freaking love helping people find solutions. I love hearing people say "those were the best performing creatives we've ever had," or "you make marketing fun," or just seeing the proverbial weight lifted from their shoulders at having an answer to a specific question. That's my passion and the reason behind Flying Pig. I also freaking love dessert, iced mochas, and Kate Spade New York, but I'm trying to think more meta...

Back to work. A lot of people I know are bogged down with everyday tasks at the office (or the #WFH office) - constantly playing catch up and never taking the time to be proactive with growing and promoting what makes them awesome. If I can take that off their plates - doing something I'm passionate about - why wouldn't we form a working relationship? It's basically the definition of win-win. Sometimes, there's even coffee involved.

I also freaking love learning about other people's passions, and how they use their passions for the betterment of others and society. Respect for each other and the differences among us - that's what makes the world becomes a more passionate place.

What do you freaking love? Share it with me!