Being a Grammar Snob isn't a Bad Thing!

Just when I think I’m not actually utilizing my college degree, National Grammar Day comes along and makes my morning, confirming that while it may not be the most applicable degree for this stage in my life, it’s the perfect degree for me.

Surprisingly, not everyone enjoys grammar as much as I do. Weird, I know. However, regardless of your affection level for grammar, it’s imperative you use it correctly in all your sales and marketing pieces – print or digital. Comma placement, parallel tenses, and apostrophe usage can get to be confusing, and the older we get, the longer ago our high school English classes were.

Here’s why it’s important. Grammatical errors significantly decrease your credibility with your clients, but they pop up surprisingly often not only within social media posts, but on websites and print marketing pieces. There are a lot of errors that may be forgivable, but why take that risk? Put your best, most grammatically correct, foot forward with your clients and proofread everything you give your clients – maybe even twice.

Not within your comfort zone? Flying Pig would love to help! I’ll break out my red pen and diagram sentences until your website copy and email marketing campaigns are completely grammatically correct. Okay, the diagramming sentences might be a little much, but you get the idea. Contact Flying Pig today to confirm error-free marketing efforts.