How do you plan on finishing the year?

Back in the day when I was running competitively, teammates and I used a technique affectionately termed a “gut check.” No, it wasn’t the feeling of bile rising from our guts at the end of the race. There are no words to describe that feeling. It was that point during the race where a runner is forced make a decision whether to give up, drop to the back of the pack, and blame a cramp, or dig down deep, push themselves harder than they thought possible, and give that race everything, just for a few more minutes.

Though my racing days are far, FAR, behind me (I blame a cramp), I still recognize and appreciate the value of a good gut check, and I encourage you to do the same. We’re now halfway through this calendar year, which more than likely coincides with the marketing plan you’ve set for yourself or your business. How are you going to finish this year? Is what remains of the calendar year going to be your time to shine, or are you going to give up and settle for status quo? What haven’t you accomplished that you were really excited about at the beginning of the year?

Don’t let a real or imagined cramp ruin your plans for the rest of the year. Use a quick gut check to see what you and your business are made of. And better yet, make your next step emailing Flying Pig to schedule a mid-year marketing refresh session. Ready, set, GO!