Turn your Event into a Galentine's Day Extravaganza

Today’s Galentine’s Day tip involves events. What better way to reach new customers than by inviting them to your place of business for a party? Need another great reason to make your event #galentinesday worthy? When women go to an event, they make sure at least three of their friends will be there, they post their plans on social media, and they post pics of the event on social media while they’re attending – especially if you have a fun backdrop and props for pics. Your attendees market your event for you.

Here are a few fun ideas for hosting the #partyoftheyear

1. Martinis & Makeovers: host a mixology class at your favorite local tavern or at your place of business with a bar who has a catering liquor license. Incorporate skincare products and/or makeup from Arbonne or Mary Kay and leverage the power of that representative’s social networking power.

2. Flour & Flower: Supply bite-sized treats from your favorite local bakery and frilly cocktails for sipping – something with bitters or lavender to stick with the flower portion of the theme. Invite a local florist to teach a class on floral design with all the supplies for your guests to make their own arrangements.

3. Nacho Average Pairings: Wine is passé, but champagne, rum, and any local liquor are trending. Host a tasting party/class and pair the alcohol with unexpected foods that get people taking. Pair whiskey and pie, or champagne and popcorn. Obviously hire an expert who is not me. Please, no more wine a chocolate. It pains me to say this, but 2006 called and they want their party back.

The key to any great Galentine’s Day event is to keep it informal, allow lots of time for networking (read: socializing) and make safe rides home a priority for everyone.