Make Your Event Literally One in a Million

Did you know that just one conference hotel in one city in one state in one county may host an average 375 meetings a year? And that’s just in little ol’ Montana!

Meeting planners must compete for convention attendees not only against all of those other professional development opportunities but also against normal day-to-day work functions. Obviously there are about ten different ways to stand out with your agenda, speakers, and convention location, but perhaps the quickest and most cost-effective option is an eye-catching registration and agenda.

Some of Flying Pig’s first work was taking convention agendas created in Word and making them pop. The clients’ investment was minimal, and the results were astounding.

Regardless of the changes to convention marketing through social media, online registration capabilities, email inundations, and hybrid meetings some elements never change. An attractive agenda is one of those elements.

Flying Pig Sales & Marketing specializes in marketing conventions through social media posts and events, save the date emails, convention agendas, and registration packets. Contact us today, and we’ll help set you apart from the dozens of professional development invitations your potential attendees receive each year.