Posting Sales & Marketing Gains for 2021

WARNING: this blog post is about #salesandmarketing gains, not how many times each week you should be working out.

First, let’s talk about your website. Did you just grimace a little when thinking about it? Don’t worry! As long as you recognize a website that showcases your organization is The Best Way to maintain top of preference awareness and increase your client base, you’re one step closer to progress. Want more good news? “Refresh” is the new “Redo.” It’s a lot less expensive – and faster – than completely starting from scratch, and I like the connotations behind “refresh” much better: growth, recycle, revitalize, etc. Plus, it’s always a great time to refresh your site, so you can start today and see real results. We would love to be a part of those results: contact us to get started!

Next, your social media presence. It’s shocking what a significant role your social media plays in your buyer’s decision making – it’s like what drinking more water does for your body. That importance extends not just to what people are saying about your organization, but what others are posting about you. Stackla has some great statistics proving just how indispensable your #socialmediamarketing is. Looking for a plan to stay on task? My advice is to create content calendars, schedule your posts, and ask for help from Flying Pig.

That’s right. Take it off the shelf, dust it off, and open the cover. If it protested at the effort of being opened, or you looked at it like you hadn’t seen it in years, it’s probably time to rethink your strategies. A marketing plan deserves so much more than a simple copy/paste from year to year. It should hold your goals, what you’re going to become, and how you’re going to get there. Think more vision board and less spreadsheet.

What is one of my goals for gain for 2021? Testing out content creation for TikTok! Who wants be my accountability partner?