Three Sales Tips to Beat the Winter Blahs

A two-wheel drive car in all this gosh-darned snow isn’t the only thing that gets stuck in the winter. Your #sales efforts might feel a little high-centered, too. The good news, or maybe the bad news, is that it happens to everyone. Your sales aren’t going to be awesome every single day, and they definitely won’t improve if you keep trying the same strategies. Change is a necessity in sales, but the short days and cabin fever brought on by winter don’t exactly help motivation or creativity.

Fear not, though, help is on the way. Think of Flying Pig as the sales motivation version of a tow truck on yet another snowy day.

Here are three tips to help you unslump your sales.

1. Send casual emails to past and current clients. We like to call them “just checking in” emails. These emails are short, personal, and focus more on relationship building than direct sales. An example would be “Hi, Jenny! I’m just checking in with you because I haven’t talked to you in a while. I hope everything has been going well and you’re enjoying this beautiful weather. I do hope we can work together on a new project soon. The last one was so fun! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.” Within about three minutes, you will have sent out a lovely email that will get opened and will help you maintain top of preference status with your clients.

2. You’re going to have to leave the comfort of your office for this one, so proceed with caution. Meet a client for coffee. Coffee is the perfect solution to most of life’s problems and sales is no different. Plus, meeting someone for coffee is so more #trending than meeting him/her for lunch or dinner for a few reasons. 1. It takes less time so you can navigate your way from coffee shop to coffee shop throughout the day. 2. It’s far less awkward to visit for a few minutes and grab your coffee to go if the conversation isn’t rolling or things become awkward. It’s a little bit harder to leave in the middle of lunch or dinner. 3. It gets both of you out of the structured environment of an office and into neutral territory where creative thoughts flow like espresso into a caramel macchiato.

3. Contact Flying Pig Sales & Marketing to schedule a consultation. If you can think of a sales problem that we haven’t experienced, we’ll buy you a coffee. Consultations are custom-formatted to your budget and schedule and start at just $50 for one hour. Let’s work together to get through the winter woes with strategic planning and achievable action plans to jump start your sales.

Keep in mind, just a few small changes to your routine could pay large dividends for your organization. Good luck and stay warm out there!