Top 5 Reasons to Hire from the Hospitality Industry

It’s not news to anyone that the hospitality industry has been hit hard by the global pandemic. You won’t find operating at 20-30% occupancy in any business model prior. Over the last ten months, the hospitality industry has scrambled to keep their doors open and as many as possible of their employees still employed.

Unsurprisingly, hospitality professionals across the nation may be looking to shift positions, roles, and careers because of the pandemic or because they just need a change. I encourage you not to overlook them if they don’t have experience in your industry; they come with a pretty sweet skill set:

1. Emotional Intelligence: From listening skills to anticipating the needs of clients, individuals in the hospitality industry know how to read and respond to cues from others. (Of course, that isn’t all, but it’s a short post.)

2. Effective multitasking: Some may say it’s impossible, but I beg to differ. When working with a variety of clients with specific and individualized needs, hospitality professionals excel at making each and every client feel like they’re the only one. Who doesn’t want to be treated like that?

3. A sense of service: Either via nature or nurture, hospitality professionals park at the back of the parking lot, clean up after others, and dedicate their professional selves to taking care of others.

4. Problem solving: even before the pandemic, the hospitality industry was finding solutions to daily challenges from room availability to working within a client’s budget. They have growth mindsets and never say “can’t.”

5. Relationship building: Building trust in relationships with colleagues and clients is the key to any hospitality professional’s success. It stems from integrity, trust, and mutual respect – an asset to any team.

Despite 2020, hospitality remains a fantastic career with skill development that translates exceptionally well into other industries. And when you feel comfortable, I hope you travel as much and as often as you safely can.